Working Man Mystery Box

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Mystery Box made for the Working Man

Everything in here is rough, ready and raw.  Leather, Copper, Wood, Steel...

I've got 15 of these ready to go.  Here's how it works:

Everyone gets a 3-pack of Red/Black Krein Knives Shop Rags ($15) as well as a 2-pack of Leather Coasters ($40).  Color/style will be chosen at random.

In addition, everyone gets a chance at any 1 (one) of the following:

Molle Clip, Copper = $20 (3 in 15 chance)
Mini Valet = $45 (2:15 odds)
Folder Pouch = $45 (5:15 odds)
Ben Orford Small Sloyd Knife = $50 (2:15 odds)
Ben Orford Set of 2 Crook Knives - 1 each of push-cut and pull-cut styles = $100 (2:15 odds)
Krein Knives Sopa in Kydex with 2017 logo = $225 (1:15 odds)


Multiple orders will be shipped separately as these are already boxed up ready for labels.


Best of luck to everyone!