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A SAK PAK II is an updated 3 1/4" Vicotrinox paring knife and a kydex neck sheath (with hole spacing for a small Tek-Lok).  The SAK PAK II has a differently shaped handle that is slightly larger and more ergonomic than the paring knife in the standard SAK PAK.  The blade is exactly the same.  

The sheaths and knives from the SAK PAK and SAK PAK II are NOT interchangeable. 

I sharpen and touch up the point on each one of these.  They come with a stainless steel ball chain.

These are awesome to throw in a pack as they weigh next to nothing and perform really well. Perfect for picnics, lunches, BUG-OUT bags or to give as a gift. There is really a lot of bang for the buck here.  

You will be surprised by how well they perform and how useful they are!!