Gentleman's Mystery Box

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A Mystery Box a true gentleman will love!  

Get yours while you still can!

Here's what we have up for grabs in this one.

***EVERY BOX*** gets the following:

  • Leather Coaster (some Round, some Pitty)
  • Stamped Copper Coin 
  • GSD Pouch - holds worry stones, dog tags or 1oz Silver bars
  • Shop Rag

...PLUS a guaranteed chance at one of these prizes:

  • Grand Prize (1) = Ben Orford Sloyd knife & Mokume Gane River Rock Finish Worry Stone (!!!)
  • 1st Prize (4) = Mokume Gane River Rock Finish Worry Stone
  • 2nd Prize (3) = Pendant by Ben Krein - 2 or Mokume Gane, 1 is MokuTi
  • 3rd Prize (3) = Ben Orford Crook knife - push cut version
  • 4th Prize (4) = SAK PAK - 3 are standard, 1 is a bird's beak
  • 5th Prize (5) = Extra GSD Pouch or Leather Coaster

The store value of what every box has regardless is $75 so for another $10 you get a chance at prizes valued up to $250.  I haven't made River Rock Mokume Gane worry stones for a *long* time.  Now's your chance to get one PLUS a leather pouch!

20 Mystery Boxes with 20 Bonus Prizes = everybody wins.

The average value of all Mystery Boxes is $140 !!!

Grab one now before I change my mind and keep everything to myself.

Thanks for buying!!!


p.s. you *can* buy more than one (1) but they will ship separately as I have no idea who gets what.